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CHOICES magazine

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The Choices Mission is to provide fascinating, information-rich articles covering teen health and life-skills that will equip students to make positive and informed decisions on the most pressing issues in their lives. The magazine covers a diverse range of important teen topics like:

  • your character: bullying; cyberbullying; friendships; relationships; peer pressure
  • your life: time management for students; crisis management; careers; academic success; financial literacy; life skills for teens
  • your health: healthy eating; substance abuse; teen nutrition; mental health; personal health; fitness advice; cooking for teens


Don't let real-life problems get in the way of your students' academic success

Get Choices, the real-world survival guide for teens:

  • Health: Page-turning nonfiction on pressing teen health issues too new for textbooks
  • Nutrition: Healthy alternatives to the foods teens crave
  • Fitness: Tips on making fitness fun and effective
  • Life skills: Advice on reducing stress, staying focused, and other essential life skills
  • Character education: Personal narratives that build empathy and tolerance
  • Relationships: Tips on maintaining healthy relationships on- and offline
  • Technology: Eye-opening articles on the effects of smartphones and social media
  • Language Arts: Informational texts, close-reading questions, quizzes, and more
  • Mobile-friendly website: Articles, videos, and skills sheets from the past 5 years
  • Timesaving Teacher's Guides with lesson plans, Lexile® levels, and extensions

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 - абонамент 2014/2015 г. - 20.00 лв.

- абонамент 2015/2016 г.  - 24.00 лв.

- абонамент 2016/2017 г.  - 28.00 лв. 

 - абонамент 2017/2018 г. - 32.00 лв.

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