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Oliver Twist + downloadable MP3

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Charles Dickens . Retold by Jane Cadwallader.
Oliver Twist
Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali.

This is perhaps the most well-loved story by Charles Dickens.
Dickens asked his readers to ‘have a heart that never gets hard’. As readers follow the life of Oliver Twist, a poor orphaned boy struggling against the dangers of life in 19th-century London, they can empathise with his childhood in a workhouse and his life with a gang of pickpockets. They can also share his relief that there were some good people, ready and willing to rescue a child in need.


Vocabulary areas
friendship, social class, feelings
Grammar and structures
Past simple (regular and irregular forms)
Past continuous
Can / Could
Comparative and superlative adjectives
Must for obligation
Question words

In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | Au audio recording of the story | A picture dictionary

Social issues | Knowing the past | Feeling empathy | Developing values

Stage 4 400 headwords | A2 | Flyers | Classic
ISBN: 9788853626356
Theme: Family

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