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The Railway Children

Edith Nesbit
Retold by Michael L. Freeman.

Illustrated by Zosia Dzierzawska.


Three children and their mother move to a new home because their father gets sent away. They are sad at the beginning of their new life, but they make a new friend along the way and live a lot of adventures.
In this Reader you will find:
Information about Edith Nesbit | A section focusing on background and context | A glossary of difficult words | Comprehension activities | An exit test
Family | Friends| Food | Trains | Nature
Topics: Love, Feelings, Family, Trains, Nature
Grammar and Structures: Simple Present: states and habits - Present Continuous: actions in progress - Past Simple: finished actions - Future forms: Present Continuous, going to, will - Can: ability, permission - Could: ability, permission in the past - Must: obligation - Have to: necessity - Will: offers, spontaneous decisions for future, predictions – Adjectives - Prepositions (place, time) – Pronouns
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