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Gulliver's travels + CD

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Gulliver's Travel
Jonathan Swift
Retold by Janet Borsbey and Ruth Swan
Jonathan Swift's best known full-length work, and a classic of English literature.
Gulliver is a doctor on a ship. He travels from England to many places. He meets little people and giants, he meets people from the past and horses who can talk. He also encounters pirates and terrible storms. Will he ever return home? Will he be happy in England?

In this Reader you will find: information about Jonathan Swift's life | CLIL History: European Exploration | glossary | comprehension activities | exit test
Tags Classic | literature | satire

Young Adult ELI Readers
ISBN: 9788853607874
CEFR Level: A1
Theme: Adventure

В тази книга ще откриете:
- Информация за живота на Джонатан Суифт
- Раздел, посветен на морето
- CLIL истории - "Европейските открития"
- Речник на непознатите думи
- Упражнения за разбиране
- Краен тест



Judges’ comment: This is an excellent re-telling of the classic story, with good clarity and language control. Including several of Gulliver’s journeys, it goes much farther than some other “simple” versions in familiarizing readers with the scope of this important cultural point of reference, and with the thrust of Swift’s social commentary.

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