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A collection of First World war poetry + CD

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A Collection of First World War Poetry

J. Borsbey & R. Swan, Editors

More than any other conflict, the Great War inspired writers of all generations and classes.

This collection reflects the wide variety of poems written, in the English language, about The War that Will End War (H.G. Wells, 1914). The collection contains poetry written during, or immediately after, the First World War. The poets were influenced by their war experiences in many different ways: some served in the trenches, others drove ambulances, flew planes, fought at sea or wrote propaganda for war offices. Many of the poets were killed or wounded in action and most were extremely young.


In this reader you will find:
- The First World War in facts and figures
- Poems and verse
- Biographical notes about the poets
- Background pages: The Poppy, Women and War, The Unknown Soldier,
The Lasting Impact
- Notes on the poems
- Activities to help with technical vocabulary
Poetry, War
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